A Challenging Landscape

When Heather and I first shared notes about our twenty years of experience in business with challenging management encounters, lack of ethics, narcissism and hostile behavior, we knew that there must be a systemic problem affecting Founders around the world. In fact, every successful Founder we knew had faced a major threat at some point in their tenure.

And so, five years ago at Social Venture Circle, we held our first Founder's Caffe and invited people who had experienced bad players who tried or succeeded in pushing them out of their for-profit or non-profit enterprises... And we were surprised by the number of Founders who had reported this grave challenge, either in real time or in the past. From these early conversations, we have now created the Founder's Caffe to work with Founders who are challenged by all sorts of issues that affect the emotional well-being of the organization. 

We are especially excited to bring to Founders some models and tools that can support them in a healthy transition, should their investors or board pressure them to make this transition. The goal here is to offer tools for a kind transition if a transition is necessary at all.

Please join us as we dive in deeply to explore these and other concepts to support your emotional well-being as you move your company forward.