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Founder's Voices explores the subtle and not so subtle ways negative behavior and speech can threaten the fabric of an enterprise, inflicting micro-wounds, posing a threat to a founder's vision. We work with Founders to spot these red flags, protect themselves from takedown attempts, and show them ways to build a respectful corporate culture that respects everyone.

Hostile Take-Overs

Honestly, In this day and age, aggressive behavior that does not respect all parties is no longer acceptable. The Founders' Voices team are experts on working with Leaders who find themselves in challenging situations. We are here to help you navigate this risky terrain that becomes more risky with financial success. 

Ethics In Business: CASE STUDIES

With six years of interviews with Founders who have faced nearly every type of hostile situation we will share their personal stories of what happens when toxic individuals get an upper hand and standards disappear, ethics dissolve and Founders become vulnerable. We share the outcomes and recommendations of what one can do to armor one's self in these situations.  Note: Names are often changed to protect Founders' privacy.

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