A Message From Founders Heather White & Jody R. Weiss

Founders' Insight was launched six years ago at Social Venture Circle after we both experienced attempted hostile takeovers of our beloved successful companies, and realized a number of our friends at SVC had experienced the same. In fact, many of our founder friends and allies had been unseated or forced out of organizations they had built from the ground up. It didn't matter whether it was a globally distributed household name brand, or a tech company, an established charitable foundation,  a medical relief nonprofit, or a business school students' sustainability organization.

At our first roundtable it was clear that toxic dynamics and hidden agendas are a common threat not only to founders whose businesses are doing well, but whose enterprises may still be in the start up phase, have been around for several years, or are going through transitions.

Both of us bring a decades of creating successful companies and NGO's to the conversation. The conversation is about ethics and transparency in business.  Now, more than ever, ethics, kindness and transparency need to guide our way forward as one globally connected community.

Please join the conversation. We would love to connect with you. 


Heather White (Bio)

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Jody R. Weiss 

Jody  is a serial social entrepreneur, mass consumer marketer and social activist. Presently, Jody works with founders and executives on their business goals, including strengthening their P&L, while also strengthening their "inner" P&L (profit and loss of their own well-being as they build their company or career).

Weiss has cultivated strong relationships with both investors and sponsors, and advises her clients on powerful strategies to grow their business.

Jody has worked on projects with iconic institutions such as the World Bank, UNIFEM, World Food Programme, Vital Leaf, Fishermen's Energy, Susan Posnick Cosmetics, JLINC decentralized technology, and many others. Recently, Weiss worked with Dr. David Schwartz to launch KannAInsight, which scans the globe for clinical studies on the entire spectrum of cannabinoid research.

Jody founded and launched PeaceKeeper™ Cause-Metics™ in April 2002 and served as the company’s lead voice and salesperson. PeaceKeeper was the first cosmetic company to give restricted donations to women’s health advocacy and human rights issues. The brand was nominated as finalist as “Best Lip Product of the Year” and launched a lip gloss with the United Nations called PeaceKeeper UNIFEM Lip Gloss. PeaceKeeper was sold in chains such Henry Bendel, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, etc.

Ms. Weiss began her professional career in sports marketing for IMG, rising to become a sports agent to 45 elite athletes. Her work includes Woodstock 1999, the multinational Mazda Track Club (signing 216 athletes from 13 countries to compete globally) & the World Championships, raising millions for events during her career.