Reimagine Work + Life Balance

Covid19 has inspired workers and companies to rethink the way in which workers engage and perform for a company. Remote working has actually been quite effective and workers remain engaged and committed to performing at a high level, even when social distancing. In fact, this "experiment" has been so successful that Facebook announced that many, but not all of its workers will be allowed to work remotely at least through the end of 2020. And, Facebook is giving remote workers with children a $1,000 bonus and portable conferencing devices. 

This process of choosing which employees need to come into the office and which employees can work remotely is a challenging one. Will companies begin to feel that certain jobs are not necessary? And, what are the rights of employees who find that they are being sidelined due to remote practices, which can create a sense of being out of touch or out of reach for all involved? Founders need to come up with clear policies to address remote working guidelines and performance markers for all involved.