Handling Narcissists in the Workplace.  Private Session

Handling Narcissists in the Workplace. Private Session

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Are you being challenged at work; talked down to, ignored, treated with disrespect by an investor, board member, or colleague? Founder’s Insight co-founders, Heather White and Jody R. Weiss will discuss proven ways for you to deal with your situation effectively. 

Some of the things we will discuss could include:

   Red flags to watch out for to determine if someone is a bully / narcissist?

   How to stay calm and speak clearly to them

   How your leadership will define the moment and inspire others

   How to create boundaries

   How to recruit allies

   How and when to report a bully

   How to advocate for yourself

   How to document and track incidents so you are protected

   How to make choices that benefit you in the short and long-run

   If leaving is the right choice, when & why you should leave

Bullies can make your life miserable. But you don’t have to go-it-alone when dealing with them. There are proven steps and support you can receive immediately when trying to navigate how to deal with a bully. If you are finding that you are being squeezed out of opportunities or even being forced out of your company, NGO or department, then this webinar is for you.


A list of RED FLAGS when deciding whether you want to work with them

A Report on the challenges with working with bullies and recommended techniques to deal with them

A free :30 minute call with Heather White and/or Jody R. Weiss to discuss your particular issue.